Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

First and foremost you need to feel comfortable with them.  Take some time to interview 2 or 3 celebrants / MCs before you make your decision.  There are some questions you should ask:  1. Is the celebrant / MC available for the required event?  If the answer is no there is no point in continuing.  2. What will you say, and can we hear it beforehand?  I will work with you to say things to reflect your desires.  Yes, you can hear the words if you wish, also I would encourage a rehearsal(s).  3. How much do you charge?  Please compare rates and what they include (added extras can be expensive).  Also when payments need to be made.  4. Do you have other ceremonies on the same day?  You don't want your celebrant to rush the event to meet another obligation.  My answer to this question is, I will only have one event per day. 

Yes we can assist with the planning of your special day.  We have experience in planning National and Local events.  We have checklists and planning templates for your use or we can work with you to plan the day.  We have not included costs for planning in our fee structure, please discuss your needs with us.

We charge a flat rate for weddings at $500. This includes PA equipment, rehearsals, and all contacts and meetings.  All other ceremonies or events are $300 for the first hour (or part thereof) plus $50 per hour thereafter.

The system is a portable stand alone wireless unit with 2 channels for wireless microphones plus a CD player with USB port for MP3.

If you and your event are within the Fleurieu Peninsula and the Adelaide Hills (as defined by the South Australia Visitor Guide) then the answer is no.   If you and your event is at, say, Murray Bridge then perhaps no charge.  If your event is at Mount Gambier or Kingscote, hmm, let's discuss, I could need a holiday anyway.

Yes you can.  Weddings have a particular requirement called the Monitum which must be said, but we can pretty much modify the rest to meet your needs.

Short answer - No.  Long answer is - there is no need for your celebrant to be included in the reception unless you want them. Alternatively if you require a Master of Ceremonies for your reception I would be very happy to assist.  

Subsection 46(1) of the Marriage Act sets out certain words which must be used.  Firstly I have to identify myself and inform those at the wedding I am authorised to solemnise marriages.  I then need to remind you of the solemn nature of the married relationship.  Finally I have to state marriage in Australia is between a man and a woman.  Of course there are specific words but you get the idea.

Firstly you both need to be over 18 (one can be younger but I will need to see a court order and parental consent).  You will both need to provide a declaration of no legal impediment to the marriage (sounds daunting but of course I will assist).  Then we will need a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).  The NOIM needs to be completed between 18 and 1 months prior to the wedding date.  The NOIM needs to have the details of your parents (of both of you).  This information is best taken from both your birth certificates.  On the day we will need to have two witnesses (over the age of 18).  Both will need to witness and understand the ceremony.  Your witnesses, yourselves, and I will need to sign the marriage certificates.  Sounds a lot but I will walk you through it.  

As a member of the Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of South Australia (Inc) a replacement celebrant would be provided.