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Rites of Passage

A Rite of Passage ceremony is the celebration of a significant life event. Such events as Baptisms (Namings), Weddings and Funerals are key Rites of Passage. So too is coming of age (18 or 21) and other significant birthdays. The Master of Ceremonies plays a critical role in keeping the event on track. I am here to help you with the event plan and will be there to ensure the event's success.

Dedications of Love

There are many reasons why couples decide to reaffirm their wedding vows (or say new ones). Whatever the reason, a Renewal of Vows or Dedications of love should be celebrated. There are no 'rules' and therefore can be as simple or complex as desired.


A Naming Ceremony can also be a beautiful way to celebrate the adoption of a child or to embrace stepchildren. The ceremony can include meaningful input from the child. The taking on of the family name, rather than the giving of a personal name, is recognition of the start of a new family relationship by all involved. Naming ceremonies are secular and have no legal status, however, should you wish, we can offer a certificate to remember the day.

End of Life Ceremonies

In addition to the funeral service you may like to consider a separate ceremony for the interment of the casket or urn. A Memorial Service at an anniversary may also be a consideration.

I also understand the loss of a loved one is not limited to humans.


Marriage is the joining of two lives, the physical, and emotional union of two humans who have separate lives. These two individuals willingly choose to discover who they are in the company of one another. A wedding is the Rite of Passage to married life, the moment at which you cease to be a solitary person and begin taking up the joys and responsibilities of sharing your life with another.